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19.09.2024 – Focus on electric mobility
19.09.202414:30 h.Opening Ceremony
19.09.202415:00 h.Keynote “The future of electric mobility in smart cities” (AES Representant)
19.09.202415:15 h.Keynote: “New trends for teaching in key technologies of electric mobility“ (Phoenix Contact)
19.09.202415:30 h.Keynote: “Knowledge management for the electrification of our society” (TotalEnergies)
19.09.202415:45 h.Keynote: “Exploring the Intelligent World 2030” (Huawei)
19.09.202416:00 h.Round Table “The role of technical education in academic institutions“ (University of Oviedo, Polytechnic University of Valencia, University of A Conruña)
19.09.202416:00 h.Workshop: “Charging infrastructure: Learning with the use of new technologies” (TechEducation)
19.09.202416:30 h.Coffee Break
19.09.202417:00 h.Round Table: “Best practices in sustainability and energy transition” (CTG Europe, Fundación Caja Rural de Asturias, Alimerka, Ayuntamiento de Gijón)
19.09.202417:00 h.Master Class: “Basic engineering training for future professionals in the electric mobility industry" (COIIAS)
19.09.202417:30 h.Gaming session with TotalEnergies
19.09.202417:30 h.Huawei High Power Charging Hub presentation
19.09.202418:00 h.CharIN Trainings Academy and DemoTestival Outcomes Presentation (CharIN Representant)
19.09.202418:50 h.End of summit session and transfer to the Museum of Asturian Folk
19.09.202419:00 h.Special social event: “Asturian Tastival Party”
20.09.2024 – Focus on Smart Cities
20.09.202409:30 h.Introduction
20.09.202410:00 h.Keynote “The grid as the backbone of the energy transition” (Plexigrid)
20.09.202410:30 h.Panel “Technological transference, from University to Industry - University Spin-offs” (Bamboo Energy, Plexigrid, Enfasys, eRoots, Ingelectus)
20.09.202410:30 h.Workshop “Blockchain and Smartcontratcs for energy application”
20.09.202411:30 h.Coffee Break
20.09.202412:00 h.EduNet presentation (Chairman of EWA - EduNet World Association)
20.09.202412:00 h.Workshop "Introduction to flexibility management from the point of view of the electrical distribution networks" (Smart Cities Chair)
20.09.202412:15 h.Panel "Results of European Projects related to Smart Grids and eMobility" (UPC, UMA, CIRCE)
20.09.202413:00 h.End of the International Summit
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